I gained extensive knowledge from the course.

I found the eLearning part of the course extremely helpful, the extensive knowledge it transferred across was great. In addition, having the ability to stop and rewind things and pick up facts you may of missed was brilliant. Having the manual that came with the eLearning was also great, as it went into everything with a little bit more detail – you can’t miss a thing.

From the course, I feel like I now have extensive knowledge in all areas of the Fitness Instruction business. All handouts, revision tips, checklists, mock papers and the lectures were simple to complete but effective.

Tom Whelan - Personal Trainer and 'Skins' Model

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting a career as a PT or Fitness Instructor!

The online learning structure of the course worked well for me, as I could work it around my work and own sessions. The content and delivery was organised and well structured. I found the Anatomy and Physiology, muscle action modules most useful, and its relevance to specific tennis movements. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting a career as PT or Fitness Instructor.

Jonathan Howells - Tennis Coach at Virgin Active

I'll be back for Level 3 Personal Training!

The anatomy and physiology I found very useful as I had no clue about any of it before I started the course, I also found the eLearning very useful as well, they were a big help to me!

The way Gerraint taught his lessons, was brilliant. He really puts a lot of effort into getting the knowledge into your head, especially if you’re stuck or struggling with questions. I emailed him many times with questions and he answered me with clear, easy answers and was always happy to help. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will definitely be back for my level 3.

Jacob Gregg - Fitness Instructor


The course provided useful teaching aids and memory aids to ensure learning. The tutor was very good at clarifying areas of misunderstanding, utilising different ways of explaining and / or demonstrating.

Alan King - Personal Trainer at Virgin Active


The whole layout of the course was extremely helpful and thorough in my opinion. I’ve found the course easy to follow and the material very well put together. It was practical and easy to understand. There were clear instructions as to what was expected from me and all the work I had to complete as well as clear guidance on how to deliver everything. In addition, the course material available including online program and printable paperwork were absolutely spot on.

Karla Klesck - Personal Trainer in Brazil / Dragon CrossFit

Good quality course and a laugh at the same time!

I thought the eLearning was fantastic and the structure of the course was very helpful. I felt I was supported throughout the course with Gerraint available at any time via email and was always happy to help me out. The top up days were great fun, even though intense, covering lots of the topics areas. The practical work and assessment mocks gave me confidence that I will be fine for the real assessment.

Josh Davies - Strength Box Functional Training Instructor